SecurTrac 2.4.1 for Sun Solaris NPA

New Product Announcement March 1, 2011

Extracomm is proud to announce the release of SecurTrac 2.4.1 for Sun Solaris. The licensed version is available at no charge to all the customers who purchased the SecurTrac Maintenance Plus plan and those customers who purchased SecurTrac after Jan 1, 2011.

What's New?

  1. Uses new Notes API function to retrieve IP address. The SCT.DAT database is no longer used to store Notes session information. Hence the SCT.dat database size should remain minimized.

  2. SecurTrac Log Document Connections Details section:
    - SCTSessionProtocol field has been removed. A new SCTSessionPortName field is now used to store the Port Name used by the Notes session.
    - SCTSessionAuthEM field has been removed. SecurTrac will no longer show if the connection is a passthru or direct Notes connection.

  3. Enhanced IP session caching mechanism. When reverting to use the old method for retrieving session information, the enhanced caching mechanism will improve the import speed of logs from the SLL folder into the SCTLog.nsf database. To revert to old method of IP address logging, set SCTSecAuthentication=1 in the Domino server Notes.ini.

  4. If user does not turn on the User Activity monitor, SecurTrac will NOT cache database information. This will improve performance.

  5. A new Domino console command has been introduced to compact SecurTrac databases.
    tell securtrac compact 'db1.nsf' 'db2.nsf' .... 'db10.nsf' Note: if there is more than one database specified, you need to put quotes around the database name.

  6. A new Domino console command has been introduced to easily determine the SecurTrac version being used.
    tell securtrac version

  7. When SecurTrac is upgraded, SecurTrac will retain the existing ACL settings for SecurTrac templates and SctWsif.nsf database.

  8. The SecurTrac Build number is now also shown in the SecurTrac server settings document.

  9. A new SecurTrac statistic has been added:"Outgoing Database Documents". This shows number of documents in the Outgoing Log database.

Updates and Fixes:
  1. During a SecurTrac first time setup of ACLs for the SecurTrac templates, if the administrator field in the server document is empty, full administrator field will be used instead to populate the ACLs.

For a detailed description of these features, please refer to What's new in SecurTrac 2.4.1

The SecurTrac 2.4.1 upgrade is available at no cost to the following customers:

* Free upgrade for customers who are on a Maintenance Plus plan.

* Free upgrade for customers who purchased SecurTrac after January 1, 2011.

If you have not purchased a SecurTrac Maintenance Plus plan, but wish to learn more about SecurTrac 2.4, please contact your local Extracomm Authorized Reseller or Extracomm sales at You can also contact Extracomm toll free in North America by calling 1-866-223-2656 or internationally by dialing +1 905-709-8602.

With continual changes to operating systems and new product features, we encourage customers to consider one of our yearly maintenance plans to ensure continual technical support and updates.

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SecurTrac 2.4 may be purchased from an Extracomm Authorized Reseller.

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